I’ll admit I might be the least “green” person I know. I’m really bad, I don’t even separate my bottles or paper goods from my regular trash. My favorite kitchen accessory is the roll of paper towels, which as a person who lives by herself, I probably replenish more than a family of four. If I had the space to ride the honest-train a little longer I might want to comment on how I feel about “global warming” but I don’t want to create too many more enemies.

Having said all that, I will say I am good about turning out lights, not letting the water run and I don’t drive a whole lot. I figure I am probably pretty even with the person, who recycles and then takes an hour-long shower, hops in their SUV and then drive 40 miles to work.

But I decided after our Green Issue came out last week, that I wanted to be better than just even with the average.

It was about a year ago, the first time I bought one of those re-usable 99-cent bags to bag your groceries in. I felt good when I bought it and even better when the lady stacked my boxed up processed food in it. I walked out the store all proud like I had just been initiated into the “green” club. However, it wasn’t long before I lost my membership; as soon as the groceries came out of the bag, my green phase was over and I think I started using the bag for the gym. Since then, I have purchased about a half a dozen of those store-logo bags, just so I could have that “I belong to the tree-hugger group” feeling.

Unfortunately, I have never been able to remember those nifty bags when they are needed and what’s even worse is that since I haven’t been spending much time at the gym (okay, no time at all) the bags, which were meant to prevent excess trash, have now started to become a source of waste.

So, I decided last week that enough is enough I am going to use those bags and if I forget them I either have to carry my groceries or buy another bag. Since last week I have had to buy three more bags (I’m pretty forgetful) but I am getting the hang of it. I even went clothes shopping over the weekend and used a re-usable bag. I seriously feel fired up and although I don’t qualify to be the president of the “tree-huggers-club” I do feel that if I can get on board with re-usable bags in an effort to eliminate plastic and paper bags from grocery stores, so can everyone else.

Now, I know I am going out on a limb, but I figure with this column I probably have a little more leverage than if I didn’t have this column so if you (my 6-8 readers) can stand it, I would like to spend the next couple columns on this same subject. I promise it will be riveting and if it’s not at least do me a favor and toss me in the recycle bin.