I know Christmas is over but it’s never too late to talk about the believers and the non-believers.

I am a believer. No matter what I have been told or the experiences I have had in life, nobody can stop me from believing in Santa Clause.

I didn’t think my belief was that out of the ordinary but it seems that am the only adult, who has never had an “ah ha” moment when it came to finding out that Santa Clause isn’t real.

From about November through December I spent the majority of my childhood trying to defend my belief. It was an easier arguement to win when I attended catholic school because I would just pull the whole God card. “If God can create the whole world, then don’t you think Santa can deliver some presents once a year,” I would say.

As I got older I decided it would be best if I kept my whole “I still believe in Santa” thing under-wraps unless I was talking to kids of course. However, if one is a true believer, it’s hard to hide your thoughts, especially when you say them out loud. `

Recently, I was at a party and we were all in discussion about family values and all that is wrong with the world (you know one of those light-hearted conversations) and all of a sudden I blurt out “Yea I mean what’s up with the song, ‘I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause?’ Basically its promoting adultery,” I stated with strong conviction.

As soon as the words left my mouth I could tell something was wrong with what I said.

Fortunately, my sister was among the group I voiced this opinion to and she tried to buff it out with saying how funny I was. However, I didn’t catch on, and it only got worse.

“But I am being serious, I mean, is it ok to cheat on your husband if you’re doing it with Santa?”

She couldn’t save me from that one.

The good thing about still being a believer is that people trust me with their children. I took my friend’s three-year-old daughter, Madeline, to the mall about a week before Christmas and right when we walked in, there was Santa (or as I call him, a Santa-wanna-be).

Madeline made it clear that she did not want to see Santa, as far as she was concerned, Santa lived in the North Pole and he was someone who was talked about but not to be seen. However, she happened to catch a glance at him when we entered the mall. For a while she didn’t say anything and then about 15 minutes later she voiced her concern. “Jennifer, are we in the North Pole?” she asked very seriously. “No honey, we’re in the GAP,” I answered.

“Then why is Santa here?”

The line at the GAP was long but not long enough to answer all of her questions.

When we got in the car she requested to hear some Christmas music. Within seconds of turning on the radio, “I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause” came blaring out my car radio.

“That is so silly, that mommy kisses Santa Clause,” she said from the backseat. “Yea, your right,” I said. “It’s pretty silly.”