There is always at least one kid on the tire swing when I pull up, but by the time I turn off my engine there are at least a few more, who have hit the playground and are ready for a push.

On my way there my mind is usually filled with stuff that keeps me up at night, but as soon as I open my car door and I hear my name being called everything that was bothering my brain fades out. It’s Wednesday, 6 p.m. and I know that for the next couple of hours I will be free of stress, free of thinking about myself; whatneed to do or should have done, what  I don’t have, what I should have, what I think I need in my life or what I don’t have but want. For those two hours its not about me, its about them, its about what they need and all they need is a push on the swing or a pass of the basketball all they need is someone to watch them ride their bike or do a trick on their skateboard all they need is help with their homework or a pat on the back or a hug or a tickle or a high five.

It’s funny, because society has named them “needy” children but really what they need is far less then what they rest of us think we need. They don’t need the newest computer or the latest Wi game, they never ask for the hottest toy or even really care about latest trend. They care about each other, because each other is what they have. They don’t consider themselves deprived, unlike so many of us do, they don’t talk about what they don’t have or what they can’t have, instead at a very young age they have learned that what they have in front of them is enough. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve a trip to the beach, presents at Christmas, a basketball that’s not flat, ice cream from an ice cream store, new shoes or a trip to the movies. It doesn’t mean that they should just have to accept that their inheritance be their destiny.

They deserve to be regarded as people, who could change the world and they deserve to be told and to be taught that. They deserve to feel like they can do anything, they deserve to be exposed to world outside of their own backyard, they deserve to have pride in where they come from and the opportunity to feel like one day they can be leaders in their own community.

Each and every one of them has changed my world, they have made me a better more aware person. In times where I have felt like nothing is going my way, they remind me that even if life doesn’t go your way, its still going and you have an obligation to go with it.

We are all given opportunities based on where and whom we are born to, some of us thrive or fail despite or because of how we entered this world. I know that for me, there was always someone watching me when I hit a baseball, someone who taught me to tie my shoe, someone who instilled values in me and helped me develop the depth of my character. I have never had to do life on my own I have never had the feeling that no one would notice if I did something bad or good.

This Sunday, November 8, from 2 to 4p.m. at Lucky Strike Lanes. I will co-chair a fundraiser for the children, who have changed my world. I have already received so much support from so many of my friends and I am optimistic about the success of the event. One thing I do know for sure is that no matter how the event turns out, the tire swing will be there on Wednesday and if I am lucky, someone will be waiting for a push.