Apparently I didn’t get the memo about curbing your wheels in Manhattan Beach. I got it now, in the form of a $45 ticket. That city has some balls, seriously, you have to love a city that finds special ways to ticket its people and then come the holidays they claim its too broke to offer the free traditional December parking not to mention the other expected community events such as the children’s art walk or the police and fire open house.

I get it, we all do, times are tough, but I’m sorry maybe rather than sitting around dreaming of ways of how to ticket people and take things away things from the citizens you serve, you should look at your very expensive city staff who continues to get pay increases despite a decline in cost of living. I know you have to give them raises otherwise they will strike, which personally I would love to see the police and fire and city staff strike because they are angry that they not making more money and getting more benefits and more time off and better retirement. Make no mistake I am not dissing the people who serve, I am merely dissing their unions and the government that enables this greedy behavior.

Think about it, if the city would have decided not give raises maybe just this one year or maybe even for two years, then they could have still offered the free December parking as well as all the other community events and by doing that it would have attracted people to the city and then those people would have shopped in the stores and ate in the restaurants in downtown, supporting the businesses and then those businesses would have a better chance of staying in business and not laying off their employees. Get it?

If you keep punishing people who work for themselves your not going to have anybody who wants to work for themselves, and then America will be gone and if your in favor of that, then please don’t stay here, move to Denmark, they have blond people too.

When the owners of this newspaper told the managers we needed to take a few furlong (unpaid days off) or lay more people off, our staff stayed. Sure it sucks, and I am sure some employees are bitter at the owners, but guess what? They own it. Period. Each of us has the power to start our own newspaper or any business for that matter, if we really wanted to. People all the time come to this country with little money and without knowing any English and start their own businesses. So if you’re pissed about “working for the man” then simply start your own business and if you can’t, then be thankful for the job you have.

I am so proud that our paper is surviving this economy, and not at the expense of our customers. We haven’t all of a sudden charged more for advertising or stopped delivering to certain areas. We just cut back and the funny thing is that some of us would probably make more on unemployment than we would be working for the paper. But we love our jobs, we are proud of what we do and the product we produce and the people we serve.

I realize that everybody wants to blame somebody else for the economy. Some want to blame the banks, while others want to lash out at the government. But the truth is we are all to blame. We can blame the lenders for the shady loans that were given or we can look at ourselves and take responsibility for the fact that we bought into all, I am no genius, but even I know that if you make less than $100,000 a year you shouldn’t be buying a million dollar home. And if you’re a Realtor or lender and your suffering right now because of the shady loans you knowingly gave out, well, that’s Karma.

If anything, I wish people would think for themselves, if you belong to a union, don’t just read your handouts, think. Think about the people you serve, think about where else you’re qualified to work and would still get the money, benefits and retirement you get.

If you work in finance or real estate, think not only about yourself but think for your clients and customers, who might not be as aware, let them have a real reason to trust in you.

I know I’m not saying anything too original, for those of you agree, you already think this way, and for those of you who don’t agree, I am sure you’ll let me know.

But hey,most importantly, don’t forget to curb your wheels when your in Manhattan Beach. Consider this your memo.