It’s been said a million different times a trillion different ways: Boys and girls are wired differently.  Books have been written, seminars have taken place and therapists have made a lot of money from people who just refuse to believe that boys think differently from girls.

Here is my story: The BIL (Boy I Like) and I are sitting in the Jacuzzi, enjoying the moonlight and the hot water when all of a sudden his eyes drift off into the distance and then focus back on my face. He takes a deep breath and I think to myself, wow he is about to tell me he loves me and he can’t live without me.

“So babe” he says.

“Yea,” respond in a sexy whispery kind of voice, knowing for sure that I am about to hear the words I have been waiting for.

“I’m really thinking that I need to move that bamboo tree over to the other side of the yard,” he says very seriously.

I rest my case.

If I wrote a book or hosted a seminar it would be called “Boys are simple and girls are not.” With that title, I’m pretty sure even boys would buy the book.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule, believe me I have dated my fair share of girly-boys in my time and let me just say to the ladies; if you think dating a guy who is constantly “in touch with his emotions” and has no problem expressing himself or how he feels about every little thing, its not, it’s exhausting.

Ladies, here is the deal in a nutshell (no need for Mars and Venus or Dr. Laura) maybe guys don’t always tell us how they feel about every little thing but a lot of times when they do it’s like when those quite-Buddha-type people speak, they don’t say a lot but when they do it’s really profound. I won’t tell my BIL this (but I will tell you), if he never said ‘I love you’ again, I would still know he loves me. I know he loves me because he makes me the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve ever had, he learned how to play one of my favorite songs on his guitar, when I needed an outlet for my computer he set it up right away or when I did my first triathlon he came to the beach before dark.

He’s my biggest fan and I am his. And in this crazy confusing world of relationships, that is all two people should really need. So if he wants to talk about gardening while we stare at each other in the moonlight, well, that’s ok with me, besides I agree, he does need to move that bamboo to the other side of the yard.

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