There are weekends when all you do is laundry and walk the dog and then there are other weekends when all of your dreams come true and your life is changed forever.

Last weekend I didn’t do laundry.

I already knew when I woke up the day would be one I would remember forever. I put on my fancy new dress, matched with super cute shoes and waited for my very awesome friend Carly to arrive to do my hair and make-up. While the hustle and bustle of getting ready took place, my cap and gown hanged in the living room as a reminder this wasn’t a dream anymore. I had actually done it; in a matter of a couple of hours I would be a graduate. No longer would I have to carry around the insecurity I had not finished college. No longer would I have to settle for a job I wasn’t 100 percent in love with. No longer would I have to explain to people where I had gone to school and why I had left but that I planned to finish one day. That “one day” was here.

Graduating would have been enough for one day, but the BIL (Boy I Like) thought I deserved more, he always does. He loves to think big. Like he said to me when we designed our Halloween costumes, “Babe, puff paint is for amateurs.”

And he was right, though it took more time and effort, sewing a “B” and a “G” onto our super hero costumes, it took it to another level. It’s that level of hard work, creativity, risk taking and love for life that I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Graduation would have been enough, but instead we decided to stop by The Mermaid after the commencement and have a Bloody Mary.

I thought it was just going to be the family and the BIL but instead the bar was filled with all my favorite people, they yelled surprise as I walked in the door. I had managed to keep my eyes dry for graduation but they didn’t stay dry for that moment.

In that moment, looking at all the people whom I love, I was reminded of all of the love and support I have in my life and why I was able to persevere with school.

Little did I know, my day of surprises had just begun.

About 15 minutes into the hugs and congratulations, the BIL pulls me aside and loudly starts to tell everyone how proud he is of me and how much he loves me. He then handed me a velvet box. (I know what you are thinking because I thought the same thing….why isn’t he on one knee?) Well, a guy doesn’t need to get on one knee when he is giving a new car to his girlfriend.

I opened the box and there it was, a new car key, which was attached to my dream car; a 2012 Ford Focus (they should pay me for this column.) But it wasn’t just any Ford Focus, it was a Ford Focus with balloons and streamers and bows on it.

There it was right in front of me; a car with air conditioning, a car with turn signals, a car with no dents and no miles, a car that doesn’t need oil in it every three weeks, a car that gets more than 16 miles to the gallon. Well, that would have definitely been enough for one day. But not for BIL, he is limitless and loveable and reminds me everyday that I need to dream bigger.

“There is one more thing,” he said pulling me into the back room of the Mermaid.

The back room of The Mermaid with its yellow stained walls and drooping ceiling never looked so beautiful. It was decorated like the set from The Bachelor complete with a table for two and long stem red rose. On the table was a hard cover book wrapped with white satin ribbon.

At this point I was freaking out on the inside and trying hard not show it on the outside.

As we took our seats for two in the private room, my BIL untied the ribbon and read the book he made. He told the love story of his great grandparents and how his great grandfather Conrad gave his bride to be, Anna a very special ring with their initials engraved on the inside. BIL’s mother, Charlotte, later wore the same ring and a few months ago Charlotte gave it to BIL to give to me.

“Will you marry me?” he said at the end of his story this time he was on one knee.

There it was on my finger, the ring that was purchased more than 100 years ago, was now something that will remind me everyday of the importance of marriage, family true love and dreams coming true.

The graduation would have been enough, but thankfully, enough isn’t good enough for the person whom I get to spend the rest of my life with.

It was the biggest, most life changing and above all happiest weekend of my life. What I didn’t do was my laundry, but that’s okay there is always next weekend.

I am happy to share video footage of the day, captured my Yahoo Ultimate Surprises if you email me at I will send you the link.