On the third day of the new-year I attended my friend, Suzanne’s baby shower. Surrounded by her friends and family, the mom-to-be glowed with appreciation and excitement as she opened each tiny little dress, pair of booties or baby accessory.

A year ago, the only baby-clothes that interested Suzanne were the ones that she dressed her two Chihuahuas in. I don’t think she or any of our friends expected her 2008 to be such a whirlwind of blessings and excitement. However, as she sat in the big comfy chair opening her gifts, with her belly sticking out and her wedding ring shinning, I think we were all reminded of how much can change in just one year.

For me 2008, was filled with surprises. Admittedly some of the surprises were not as welcomed as others, but all in all the one thing I learned was that even though you think you have a plan, sometimes God (or whatever you believe in) has a whole different agenda.

This year, I am entering 2009, with some ideas of where I think I want to be a year from now, but besides a couple of birthday parties and maybe one vacation, I am not going to plan anything, in fact scratch the vacation, I’m not even going to plan that. It’s actually kind of liberating to take this approach, I mean, who knows what could happen; I could win the lottery (which means I probably should start playing) I could buy a house (if I won the lottery), I could get married (I need a boyfriend first), I could get pregnant (that’s if I get married), I could be picked for a reality TV show or I could get fired from my job (which would be okay if I was on the reality TV show.) The possibilities are endless, well not endless… I do know that I will not be named “The Next American Idol” but besides that, I really do think anything can happen. On the other hand, I could end up looking back at 2009 and realize that not much in my life has changed at all and that 2009 looks a lot like 2008. And if that is the case, I’ll consider myself pretty lucky. Well, I could do without the part where my boyfriend dumped me, got married to someone else and then my apartment burned down. But other than those few details, I wouldn’t mind having another 2008, I mean without challenge, there is no growth, right? (See, I wasn’t joking about being on a reality TV show.)

All sarcasm aside, I must admit that with just a few days into 2009, I already feel excited about what might happen this year, so far the non-planning approach is working out for me. Meanwhile, what I do know for sure is that sometime in February my friend Suzanne will become a mom for the first time and although her baby-shower gifts will help her prepare for what is expected, it is how she will handle the unexpected that will make her a great mom. And about as certain as I am that I won’t be the next “American Idol” I am just as certain that Suzanne’s baby will be a  very much loved little girl.