With the amount I just paid for my car registration, I could have taken a trip for two to Mexico. And we’re not talking Tijuana my friends. We are talking all-inclusive Cancun with a villa on the ocean and my own personal waiter, who serves me margaritas on the veranda, type of Mexico. However, instead of Cancun and margaritas I got a little red sticker to put on my license plate.

I don’t know how I manage to top myself each year with the expense of my car registration, but I do.

I think in the back of my mind I picture a magic fairy rescuing my parking tickets from my glove compartment and then magically paying them so that at the end of the year my registration looks more like a Target receipt and less like a Brittney Spears shopping spree.

More important than losing weight or keeping my car clean or saving money or writing a book or making more time for myself or any of the other New Year’s Resolutions I had debated on, this year my resolution is to not get any parking tickets. It may sound boring to you, but its life changing for me.

This year, because I am single, it was less embarrassing that I had to fork over a small fortune and because I am making a vow for it never to happen again, I won’t ever have to worry about getting “the look” from a significant other when I tell them, “Oh sorry, I know you wanted a Christmas present this year, but I have to pay $800 worth of parking tickets, so here’s a homemade card.”

I was driving down the street while I fantasized about my new life as a ticket-free-person, who can be like other responsible adults in the world, when I spotted a police car. For the last couple of months I have been doing my best to stay behind the cop cars on the road with the intention of hiding my shameful expired rectangle sticker. However, now with my new red 2011 sticker I wanted to flaunt it, so I quickly changed lanes to be in front of the police car.

Within seconds he bleeped his lights and was pulling me over. Wow, I thought does he want to personally pat me on the back, congratulate me on my new purchase? I proudly pulled over and rolled down the window.

The officer informed me that my left break light was out and therefore didn’t see a signal when I changed lanes.

“Yea, but did you check out my new tags,” I said. “That counts for something, right?”