So last Saturday night after a few cocktails I ended up in the hospital. One minute, I was at my favorite watering hole, The Mermaid, drinking a heavy-handed vodka soda and the next minute my friend Carly (who wasn’t drinking a vodka soda), was racing us down Lomita Boulevard toward Torrance Memorial Hospital.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened and I hope it won’t be the last.

By the time I arrived, my best friend’s labor contractions were about eight minutes apart. Earlier that evening a group of us, which included about a half a dozen kids a dozen adults and a couple pregnant woman, walked down to enjoy the tree lighting and snow-play in downtown Hermosa Beach. Before we left the house Tania was feeling a little something and by later that night while back at her home she was feeling a lot something.

I know it might be more exciting for you to hear about my dating life rather than my best friend’s birthing experience, so I will let you know that while enjoying my cocktail at the “Maid” I did bump into a guy I recently went on a date with. He’s a nice guy and I would probably like him just a little bit more if he didn’t wear a visor. But hey, who am I to be the style police, lately I have been wearing the same jeans about three to four days a week along with chipped nail polish (both on feet and hands) for about a month, oh and did I mention that my eye brows resemble that of an old man?

Now, you know who doesn’t have old man eye brows and chipped nail polish? Baby Dominick DeCarlo Prince, who was born 2:31 a.m. December 12, 2010. I tried to get Tania to wait until 2012 so he could have a really cool birthday but she said she wasn’t down with giving birth to a two year-old. I guess, I understand, I mean, I have never given birth but I am sure it would probably be tough to carry and deliver a 25-pound toddler.

So here I was at the hospital all fired up and ready for her to deliver. But of course, how most of these scenarios go, it’s a hurry up and wait process. Which actually worked out pretty well for her husband and his friend and me, who were craving In and Out Burger.

Looking back, we probably should have at least whispered about our cravings while in the room. I mean, here Tania was going through labor pains and puking and we are all discussing double doubles. Of course Tania didn’t say anything to discourage us, in fact following the In and Out conversation we ventured into playing funny movie clips on our phones and then debating which is funnier “The Hang Over” or “Grandma’s Boy.”  Yea, it was a real meeting of the minds.

So after the food was finished and the debate was settled (Hang Over was the winner), it was time to welcome, little Mr. Baby Dom into the world.

I have to say, there is nothing that compares to the sight of a brand new baby. His full head of hair, his almond eyes and heart shaped lips, were better than perfect. Like his mommy, Domineck is sure to be extraordinary.

More than anything his birth reminds me of how blessed I am. How lucky I am that 25 years ago, when I was the new kid in school, Tania asked me to eat lunch with her. I suppose I can hope that Dom is smart and clever and athletic, but really my biggest prayer is that he has a best friend to eat lunch with, like I always have.