My dad has three daughters and I am the oldest. Like most men do, I think he always pictured having a son. An offspring to throw around the football with and later on in life go have a beer with and watch the game. However, instead, he learned how to put ponytails in hair, and had an education on Cabbage Patch dolls and the color pink. Fortunately, the middle sister was about as much of a tomboy as you could get. She played baseball, liked to fish and wasn’t grossed out by bugs or rodents. Our family jokes that she is the son he never had.

Still my dad has always told us he wouldn’t have had it any other way. All of us are his “Princesses” even the tomboy is his princess.

As I get older I realize how lucky I am that I have always had my dad as both a father and a friend. Our family isn’t picture perfect by any means but we have more love between us than most families I know. When I was younger and my parents got a divorce my dad promised he would never be more than a couple of miles away and he never has been.

He has never missed a birthday, a graduation, a first day of school, a prom, a holiday or any other important day in any of our lives, including the typical Monday morning ride to school or Sunday family breakfast. He is the person that each of us goes to for advice or for affirmation, he is the person we are worried the most about disappointing but rarely does he makes us feel that we have. He always lets us each know that he is proud of who we are and what we contribute to this world. “I have the best daughters in the world,” he’ll often say to anyone who will listen. My sisters and I know that no one has our back or loves us more than our dad and he knows the same about us.

Before I finish this mushy tribute to my dad, I’d like to say this to all new fathers; there is no substitute for time you spend with your children. One day we grow up and we will be able to choose who we spend time with and although my dad never had a son, he always has someone to watch the game with.

Happy Father’s Day Dad, from your firstborn princess. The officer informed me that my left break light was out and therefore didn’t see a signal when I changed lanes.

“Yea, but did you check out my new tags,” I said. “That counts for something, right?”