So there I was driving down the street in my new ride, hair flowing, tan skin and feeling good about the recent baby weight I’ve dropped. Katie Perry was telling me I was a firework and in that moment I believed every word she said. A little louder I said to myself as i turned up the volume and started singing along. The baby’s carseat was empty and I was on my way to meet a friend for some much needed “sister time.”

I glanced down at the center console and saw an old familiar friend, lipgloss. Why yes, I will put on that slight sexy shimmer I said to myself as I greased my lips at the next stop light.

That is when I saw him out the corner of my eye. His motorcycle engine revved as the light turned green and although his helmet covered his face, I imagined that he looked a little like Heath Ledger meets Vince Vaughn with just a sprinkle of Tony Soprano (what can I say,  I have a very specific type.) The traffic didn’t allow him to move too far past my side. However, I didn’t realize this was going to allow him to want to communicate with me. My windows were up and the air conditioning was on, but it was clear that he was trying to get my attention.

Wow, there is nothing like a little Burt’s Bee lip gloss to get the day started.

Needless to say, I was obviously very flattered that this Top Gun body looking guy on a crotch rocket wanted to speak with me in traffic. He nodded his head in my direction rather quickly as to not take his eyes off the road for too long. I gave a nervous smile back. Wow, I mean I know I have been working out, but I wasn’t ready for this type of impromptu attention from a man who isn’t my husband. I saw the light up ahead and knew that within 30 seconds we would be side by side at the next red light.

What should I say to him? I thought to myself as my foot moved from gas to break. Do I just ignore him, what if he follows me and keeps nodding at me? Will I be considered a tease? I would have just held up my hand to show him I am married, but I had just dropped off my ring to be sized (fingers lose weight too.)

Alright, I concluded I’m just going to have to let him down easy and tell him that although I am extremely flattered, I am also happily married. As I finished rehearsing my break-up speech, our vehicles came to a stop. I looked to my right and sure enough he was motioning for me to roll down my window. As I rolled down the window and turned down the music,  he flipped up the screen from his helmet.

I thought it would be better to hear him out first before I broke the news to him that we in fact are not soul-mates.

“Hey ma’am,” he said with a concerned tone. “You have a sippy cup on your roof.”