While waiting in line at the bank the other day, playing my little game of, “If I had to pick anyone in this room to date, who would it be,” a four-year-old toe-head offered me some fashion advice. Swinging from the bars, feet dragging on the floor, the little ray of sunshine looked up at me, pointed and said without introduction, “My grandpa has that shirt.” Before I had time to respond to her precious observation, the child’s red faced grandma, attempted to buff out the little “fashioniesta’s” comment by adding in her own insight. “No, no honey, grandpa doesn’t have that shirt, grandma does.

I looked down at my deposit slip and thought to myself, “wow, not only am I broke, but now I am also aware that I have the fashion sense of an old man.”

Oh and to think that I almost used the drive up teller.

Little “Sunshine Suzie’s” take on my daily décor had interrupted my decision between the skinny guy in the suit and the beefy guy in the jeans. However, I aborted my little game so that I could turn my attention to more important matters.

“Is that a tattoo on your foot?” the little pumpkin with the blue eyes asked me. “My daddy says tattoos are bad.”

Grandma, who was collecting her money at the stable, looked like she was going to pass out from embarrassment. “Yes it is,” I replied. “And my daddy thinks they are bad too.”

Seconds later, “toe-head” and I waved goodbye to each other and it was my turn to step up to the window where I would find out that this week I broke even.

As I left the bank I wondered if “pumpkin’s” dad was a Hermosa Beach’s tattoo shop naysayer. I appreciate these people (the tattoo naysayer) because they have painted me a very hopeful future.

Because I am the “kind of girl” who has not one but two tattoos, I’m obviously also the kind of girl, with “daddy issues” who likes a “bad boy.” The good news is, according to those against the tattoo shops, there is now going to be an influx of bad boys to the area. All along I thought it was the cheap happy hours at the dozens of downtown bars, which attracted the “outsiders” to Hermosa Beach but it’s not, it’s the tattoo shops. I can’t believe I have lived in Hermosa Beach my whole life and I had to wait until now to see the “thugs” arrive.

I give Hermosa Beach credit, I mean our city has really put in a good effort in trying to attract people from everywhere, we have put in the “smoke” shops, the porn stores and welcomed bar after bar after bar after bar, but we were all wrong. If we really want to attract the punks of the world with their pit bulls and motorcycles, well then, lets bring on the high-end expensive tattoo shop.

Yes. That will do it.

You know what is even better about these tattoo shops? They are going to drive the price of housing down. Now don’t try to argue with me, I know that even when the market sucks home prices by the beach stay pretty solid, but folks, it’s happening, prices are going to plummet and you know what that means? It means that my “bad boy” and I will be able to afford a house here! This is great news for me. I thought I would never be able to afford to live by the beach, but now that it’s all going down hill, I’m in like flin!

So thank you Hermosa Beach concerned residents for your insight, because without it, I was about to throw in the towel of finding a decent thug to date or an inexpensive beach-home to buy.

No more little bank games for me, I’m just going to put on my grandpa shirt (maybe unbutton it a little and tie it up in the front) and then head on down to Pier Avenue or Eighth Street and wait for my man to roll up on his motorcycle. Hopefully, he’ll have a pit bull running along side of him, I love dogs.