Sometimes I wonder if my life would be different if I regularly wore high heels. I have never been a girly-girl but this doesn’t mean I am tomboy either. I’ve just been a little slow to learn things like plunking eyebrows, wearing perfume or putting on lipstick. The kind of things most girls start doing in their teens, I put off until my mid 20’s. You know how you always have at least one friend in the group that you want to do a “make-over” on? Well, that’s me. I’m that friend.

So although I have been taught it’s not cool for a girl to have bushy eyebrows and callused feet, nobody has been able to break me of my high-heel-fear. To be honest, it’s a serious risk if I wear them, I’ve personally done my own research and I know that have about a 30 percent chance of falling or tripping when wearing high heels and if I have to walk on a sidewalk, the percentage goes up about 20 percent.

The highest I have ever gone in a pair, is about two inches. I can’t even think about those super sexy spiky high heels, if I even look at those on the shelf I feel wobbly in the knees. You know how some people, who are afraid of heights look at a tall buildings and get nauseous, that’s how I am when I go to Macy’s women’s shoe section and spot a pair of four-inch risk factors.

Because my fear of heels is rooted in experience, it’s hard for me to let go of it. Imagine if every time you put on a certain item of clothing, you had a flashback of falling in front of dozens of people. Now picture the fall as a face-first, knee-scraping catastrophe where your dress flies over your head exposing the part of your outfit nobody is supposed to see. Then, imagine that fall happening in front of an entire wedding party. Well, at least my hair looked good that day.

To help me get over my flashbacks, my old roommate would have me put on her high heels and walk around the house just for entertainment purposes (wait that sounded kind of weird, let me explain) I would hold onto the walls or any surface close to me and move about room with my legs shaking. “Girl, just let go of the bar stool and try to take a few steps,” she would say laughing at me, as if I were a toddler trying to walk for the fist time.”

Part of the reason I don’t wear them, besides not wanting to take a trip to the emergency room, is that I am not a fan of false advertising. I mean it’s not a huge problem for me to wear eye make up and put on a little lipstick, but if I met someone I liked and I happened to be wearing high heels and I happened to look really good in them, I would feel obligated to tell them the truth about who I really am.

“Just to let you know I’m not the kind of girl, who wears these things,” I would have to say.

So I suppose I will never know what my life would be like if I was the kind of girl who regularly wore high heels. But I think it will be okay. My flats and flip-flops and I have had a good time so far and I am sure life has many more adventures in store for us. And you never know, if I happened to get over my fear of heels I’ll probably realize its not the shoes that make the non-girly girl a woman, it’s the way she picks herself up after she trips in them.