Isn’t it weird how a lot of us think we are so right about so many things? Like our way is the right way and everyone else is just a dumb-dumb. I was thinking about this after I watched a local city council meeting. I listened to an argument about how detrimental it would be to cut jobs and salaries of city employees and what should instead happen is that certain taxes, which would affect business owners, should be raised.

The city council member, who proposed the idea, gave the argument that taxes hadn’t been raised in that particular area for a long time and the city was below the tax bracket of other neighboring cities. However, those who opposed the argument pointed out something that had received an increase were the salaries of certain unionized employees.

While a couple of the city council members stayed safe in their responses to the suggestion of raising taxes saying it was “an area that was worth exploring” a couple others down right disagreed and said the city needs to tighten its belt rather than raise taxes.

I started thinking about this issue on a smaller level.

Let’s say you have two kids: “Autumn” and “Summer.” Autumn wants to earn money by way of allowance. Summer decides to make bracelets and/or sell lemonade.

Both kids work hard for their earnings but while Autumn gets the same amount of money each week for doing the same amount of work, Summer will often make twice as much money on a sunny day or during the holidays (when the bracelets and lemonade seem to sell more.) However, there are times when the bracelets don’t sell and nobody wants lemonade and in those times Summer doesn’t have the money to do the things she wants. Meanwhile, Autumn is still collecting a paycheck.

Autumn started with an allowance of $10 a week but in the two years she has been working, her allowance has increased to $20. However, one day their mom, who is a Realtor, comes home and explains the market is down and she is not making as much money and will need to cut back on household expenses.

Upon hearing the news that her weekly allowance might be in jeopardy, Autumn suggests that her mom start charging her sister for rental space. “She gets to make the bracelets in the living room, uses our kitchen for making the lemonade but she doesn’t share any of the money,” Autumn says. “It’s not fair.”

Meanwhile, Summer argues her sister’s suggestion and offers her own solution, “I’ve already had to reduce the cost of my bracelets, It’s hard enough for me to make money. But Autumn keeps getting more money for doing the same work, why don’t you just pay her less,” she says “It’s not fair.”

The mom then looks at the both of them and says, “Your both right, its not fair.”