So, I was watching Oprah the other day and she was interviewing Victoria Reggie Kennedy, the late United States Senator Ted Kennedy’s second wife. Kennedy, as most of us know died of a brain tumor in August, but before he died he wrote a book about his life (shocking).

I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t know much about Senator Kennedy, I am honestly not the most educated person when it comes to politics, so about half way through the show when Oprah asked Victoria about the “Chappaquiddick incident”, I was oblivious.

And then I was shocked. (I know, I can’t believe I didn’t know about it either).

First of all, it shouldn’t be referred to as an incident. In fact, in my opinion, what he did should have been categorized as involuntary manslaughter. In 1969, while driving after leaving a party, he accidentally drove off of a bridge and into pond. In the passenger seat was Mary Jo Kopechne, 29.  Now, I’m no lifeguard but I’m pretty sure that in that situation, if you can’t help a drowning victim, your supposed to call for help as soon as you can. But Kennedy, who was married at the time, thought it would be a better idea to leave her there to die and then eight hours later call the police. However, by then they had already discovered the car with the dead women in it. A few days later he admitted to leaving the scene. He was sentenced to a couple months of jail. Although he was the one to tell her parents she died, he didn’t tell them that he had anything to do with it. They later found that information out by reading the newspaper.

Just as a side-note a few years before that, Kennedy had been in a plane accident where the pilot had died but someone else in the plane pulled him out of the wreckage. I guess that “incident” didn’t have the profound impact on him one would hope it would.

Weirdly, he was forgiven (thankfully not by all of you, otherwise he would have become President) and was able to continue his political career; in the eyes of some people he died a hero. Americans voted for him time and time again and despite his moral compass being so incredibly off track, he had enough votes to serve as Senator longer than almost anyone else.

Honestly, when I think about it too much it freaks me out. It really brings to light how much some people don’t care about doing the right thing. I thought it was pretty bad when former President Bill Clinton cheated on his wife and then lied to her, his daughter and the entire world, but at least with his lie nobody died. I mean sure, he embarrassed the country and his wife and daughter, but nobody died. And because there is a 50 percent divorce rate and many men have cheated on their wives, Clinton, today, is still regarded as a great person by many. Personally, I wouldn’t walk next door to meet him, let alone line up for a book signing. But that’s just me, call me crazy, I think the President or anyone who his responsible for making decisions on behalf of millions of people, should have a moral compass that should set the bar, not set the average.

If I could, I would just like to ask the people, who voted for Kennedy all those years, what if that was your daughter or sister or best friend that he just left to drown? Would you still look past that “incident” simply because you want a health care plan? He is a coward, not a hero and I am embarrassed for our country that he was a Senator for so long.

While he was traveling the world, eating lavish dinners, falling in love with his first and second wife, teaching his kids and grandkids to sail in Cape Cod, Mary-Jo’s parents, who only had that one child, was missing their daughter everyday.

The question was asked if he had been drinking at the time he drove off the bridge and left the women to die, and of course he said “No.” I would bet my entire $72.00 I have in my bank account, that he was, but we will never know for sure especially since he conveniently waited eight hours until coming forward.

I realize people make mistakes and we need to forgive them. I am a fan of second chances, but I am also a fan of admitting what you did was wrong and not just because you have been caught, but also because you have respect for the people you have wronged. I am a fan of the whole truth not just the part you are comfortable with. I am also a fan of what goes around comes around. I wonder if Kennedy believed what goes around comes around?