There are no two people who make me feel more comfortable, more confident or more myself  than my mom and sister. Ironically, these are the only two people,  who will not, under any circumstances blow smoke up my … (As my mother has told me, “that’s your father’s job.”) If I write an article or even a post-it with typos (which happens a lot) they will tell me, if I gain weight they’ll tell me, if I date a guy who appears to know woman’s fashion more than I do and they think that’s a problem, they’ll tell me. On the flip side, no one has ever been there for me more or knows me better than these two women. Born two days and a few decades apart, my mom and sister are the strongest people I know and they are in my corner every second of every minute of every day of my life.

This last weekend the three of us went on a “staycation” to a very fancy hotel in Pasadena. Growing up we never bought our candy at the theatre but rather we would buy it at the store and bring it in. So it only seemed natural to bring our own facemask to the fancy hotel’s fancy spa. Here we were the three of us all steamed up and sauna-d out sitting around in the “contemplation room” in our robes, sipping our lemon water and eating our fruit on a toothpick each of us wearing a mud mask I had brought from home. “Wow, what type of facial is that?” a very fancy blond woman with perfect eyebrows and French manicured nails asked us.

“The VIP Mask,” I answered. “It’s not on the menu, you just kind of have to know about it.” I was tempted to pull the CVS Brand tube out of my robe pocket and ask her if she wanted me to apply it to her face, but I am not qualified to do such a thing so I didn’t.

After I was done being a VIP, I glanced over at my sister who was pealing her third orange and on her seventh plastic cup of guava juice. The girl can eat and the fruit was not satisfying her

Born on Valentine’s Day two weeks after my sixth birthday my sister Jacqueline came into this world with something to say. As a child she was labeled a “handful” but to me she was my hero. She was never and still isn’t a “people pleaser.”

I remember as a teenager I was literally having a tantrum in my mother’s car because my high school graduation party invitations were not the way I envisioned. We were at the stop light and I opened the door, put one foot out and “threatened” to walk home. The idea was for her to be so scared of me leaving that she would succumb to my demands. However, it didn’t quite work-out  that way. In fact I think she probably said “I think that’s a great idea, let me pull over so you can get out.”