Last year, about this time when I walked into the Mermaid in Hermosa Beach to meet my dad for dinner I thought maybe I had entered a church. Everyone was silent with their heads bowed, which is weird because although Mermaid is about as much of a Sunday morning hangout for my family as church is for others, it was still a bit odd.

“Princess,” my dad whispered to me as I walked in. “Yea dad, what’s going on? Did someone die?”

“I made copies of your Father’s Day column and passed it out to everyone, they are all reading it.”

Each week since that day, my dad makes about 10 copies of the article and keeps them folded in his back pocket, ready to pass out to anyone who comes his way. If you think Kim Kardashian’s mom is a good agent, you haven’t met Jerry Evans. He is relentless, you could tell that you are blind and don’t have time to read the Xeroxed copy of the article, and he will give it to you in brail and tell you it only takes a minute.

He’ll do the same thing this year, so for all of you reading this right now, your lucky, because it means you got to shake hands with the coolest guy ever, my dad.

Now I don’t say he is cool, because he is my dad, I say it because he is. It’s a fact. I’ve done my research.

He is the reason why I am cool, also a fact.

When the snow is blasting down and the weather is freezing and all the other people are coming off the mountain, my dad will hand me an extra pair of gloves or goggles with mini windshield wipers and ask “you good for a couple more runs?”

My sisters and I and our dad are the last to come off the lake, the last to come in from the cold, and at midnight if we feel like swimming in the ocean, my dad is there with us.

Not to be morbid, but if tomorrow I got hit by a bus and my life flashes before my eyes, it would be a full life filled with a lot of fun, because of my dad.

Because of my dad, I know a good road trip doesn’t need a TV or radio, I know that money can come and go and it should never define who you are and I know that honesty can make or break your character and character is the one thing that will keep us afloat in any situation.

Not to long ago, my dad had minor surgery and I went to pick him up. I opened the curtain and there he was sitting up in bed, dark sunglasses on, hair perfectly in place, flirting with the nurse. “Hey princess, I just gave Sheila a copy of your article and she loved it.”

Sheila, the nurse gave me a smile and told me it was a great article and then added without hesitation. “Your dad, is very proud of you, your so lucky he seems like a very cool dad.”

Yea I know. It’s a fact.

Happy Father’s Day to all the cool dads, especially mine.