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19 03, 2014

It’s Not Fair

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Isn’t it weird how a lot of us think we are so right about so many things? Like our way is the right way and everyone else is just a dumb-dumb. I was thinking about this after I watched a local city council meeting. I listened to an argument about how detrimental it would [...]

19 03, 2014

Mom and Jackie Birthday

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There are no two people who make me feel more comfortable, more confident or more myself  than my mom and sister. Ironically, these are the only two people,  who will not, under any circumstances blow smoke up my … (As my mother has told me, “that’s your father’s job.”) If I write an article [...]

19 03, 2014

Fortune Cookie Praise

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Isn’t it good luck to get two fortunes in one cookie? So what happens if both fortunes say the same thing? Recently, after finishing my teriyaki chicken, I cracked open my plastic-wrapped-less-than-fresh-dessert, to find that I had stuck the lottery; a two-fer fortune, both reading, “You are never bitter, deceptive or petty.”

Well halleluiah, move [...]

12 03, 2014
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    Jennifer Evans’ Insight Out: Prioritizing with a 6-month-old

Jennifer Evans’ Insight Out: Prioritizing with a 6-month-old

By |March 12th, 2014|Articles, Personal Articles|0 Comments

Once upon a time I was good about sending thank-you cards and birthday cards and “just because” cards, but now, not so much.

I feel like now, actually right now as I am writing this, I am in constant survival mode. My phone has binged 10 times in the last seven minutes and I don’t [...]

11 12, 2012

Teaching Seventh Grade

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The room is so quite, still and empty that it almost makes me wish they wouldn’t have left.

I find myself consumed with them, intrigued as to why some succeed and others resist the opportunity to do well. They are all capable of being well above average and although I have been told not to [...]

4 12, 2012

Body Hoarder

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Why does it feel like my workout clothes went through the dryer ten times on the highest heat?

What happened? I have a new car and live on the second floor, so whose funny idea was it to give me a spare tire and a set of sandbags for a wedding gift? I am like [...]