So I was watching one of TV’s worst and best reality series “The Bachelor” and while it always baffles me that there are this many good looking woman in the world, who have great bikini bodies, but such little self-esteem it also puzzles me how each season several of them make this “profound” statement;  “Well, if Brad likes Michelle, he is not the one for me, because I am nothing like Michelle.”

Ok ladies, I don’t have my PhD but please, step into my office…

I get how one could believe that statement to be true, but the reality is that none of us really have a “type.” We may think we do and we may have some basic requirements of the other person such as they don’t do drugs, they have a job and they change their shirt once in a while. But in reality, beyond the basics, none of us have a “type.”

We commit to another person based on how they make us feel about ourselves, not if they like to sky-dive or sew or if they play sports or not or if they would rather go to the movies or a concert. Hopefully, most of us enjoy feeling good about who we are and take pride in self-improvement and so we pick someone who encourages this.

On the contrary, relationships usually come to an end when we start influencing that other person to feel less-than about his or herself (unless you’re in a co-dependent dysfunctional relationship. if that is the case you should ask for your own reality show or join the cast of Jersey Shore.)

The point is that “Brad” could just as easily like the semi-psychotic “Michelle” just as much as he likes “Lindsay” the kindergarten teacher, it’s all about how those women  make him feel.

So now that I got that out of the way, I’d like to announce that it is my birthday this Friday and I have to say I am feeling super fired up.

I am not at all where I thought I would be at this age and honestly I couldn’t be happier about it. I am where I am in life because for the first time ever I don’t really care about my “neighbor’s” path to happiness, instead I feel really good about blazing my own trail. Without sounding too cheesy or overzealous, I’m pretty sure that with this state of mind I have the potential to write the next Katy Perry hit.

After I write my song, I am going to gather those girls from “The Bachelor” and we are going to record a music video in Spain or Brazil (I am dying to go there and it would be great if MTV could pay for it.) I am pretty sure we can get a reality TV show out of the whole adventure, which I will agree to as long as we get a better timeslot than “Jersey Shore”, not that I know when that airs, I mean, give me a break, I do have some standards. Besides Snookie doesn’t need my “Charlie Brown” advice, it appears she’s got it all figured out.