I probably need therapy but instead I’ll just unload all my fears and anxieties to you. As some of you might know, I recently graduated college and got engaged to the BIL (Boy I Love) all in the same day. It was a dream day, except it wasn’t a dream, I woke up the next day, looked at my finger and there was the gold and diamond ring that has been in his family for 100 years.

Every time I look at the ring, which is about 1,236 times a day, I have a mixture of love, excitement and terror. Make no mistake, I know I am marrying the best man in the world. He is everything I could ever ask for and more. I am just worried he doesn’t know what he is getting himself into. Hasn’t he read my columns? Doesn’t he know that I loose stuff and I forget stuff and I don’t always pay attention when I am driving and sometimes I accidentally gain five or six or seven pounds. I get parking tickets and my car is a mess and I usually run about 10 minutes late for everything.

Anyway, as we all know, actions speak louder than words and I think lately I have subconsciously been trying to prepare him for what might be a lifetime of “opps moments.“

A couple of weeks ago I lost the key to his house, I didn’t say anything, instead I took the hide a key and then I lost the hide a key. Opps.

Last weekend we drove to Mammoth and when we got there I realized I left my purse in a gas station bathroom in the Mohave Desert. Opps.

The BIL is so forgiving, unlike other guys who would make me feel clumsy or absent minded, the BIL made me a new key for the house but this time it is a huge pink Hello Kitty key. “This will be harder to lose.” he said.

As for the purse incident, he called the gas station and had them hold onto it until we drove back through Mohave on Monday. “Maybe we should just get you a bigger purse, something that is too big to put on the back of the toilet and forget.”

It all just seems too good to be true. Or is it?

In all honesty I am not intentionally testing his patience but I will say, it seems I have really ramped up my idiosyncrasies in the last week. I hope for both our sakes it doesn’t continue for too much longer. However, until it stops, I have a couple more stories to share.

Last weekend we went skiing for the last day of the season (same weekend I left the purse in gas station) there wasn’t a lot of snow on the mountain and only the upper mountain was open, including the top. Just to let you know, there are a few ways to get down from the top; the hard way, harder way and the really super difficult way.  Although I have been down all of the runs this season, this last weekend I decided that I was too scared even attempt the top. I can’t explain my sudden fear other than to say I felt like if I did it I was going to get badly hurt or possibly die and then my dream life would turn into a nightmare.

See, I told you I needed therapy.

Anyway, I went to the top and made it down the hard run and so I decided to go back to the top with the BIL for the super duper difficult run. However, about three turns in, I froze with fear and didn’t move. Opps. Everything in that moment was so scary. The BIL was a few turns ahead of me. Despite his coaxing and encouraging words I didn’t move for 30 minutes. To add insult to injury, I cried. It wasn’t a pretty site. Oh my god, I thought to myself, I am one of “those girls” (whatever that means.)

The BIL never lost his patience, never made me feel bad or weak. He just waited and helped and about an hour later we were down the mountain having a very well deserved cold beverage.

One would think the story is over but it’s not. The next day (after we returned from skiing) while driving his car home from work I got into a fender bender (a pretty bad one.) Opps.

“All I care about is that your okay,” he said to me. “Now did you remember to get the house key off the ring when they towed the car?   Opps.